Global Executive Search for Emerging Software Companies

Our 21 step plan for your success:

  1. We assign a highly experienced Principal to be dedicated to your requirement.
  2. The Principal will be expected to be passionate about your company / the position and tenacious in searching for and recruiting the right candidate for you.
  3. We take the time to truly understand your requirement.
  4. We will answer your questions as relevantly, succinctly and accurately.
  5. We will listen (carefully) more than we talk.
  6. We will be more interested in you than in ourselves.
  7. Unusually for our industry, we take the time to understand the search process you prefer – the timing, research preferences, confidentiality, short-list selection, interview process and communication.
  8. We agree a confidentiality plan with you and we guarantee to maintain confidentiality. In many cases, we have been asked to protect the client company's name until immediately before the first meeting between the candidate and the client.
  9. We agree with you upon a “do not approach” list of individuals and/or companies that we will not approach.
  10. We will research and search the market for you to identify those highly talented people who are too busy and successful to make the first move.
  11. We develop and practise a custom verbal presentation for the first approach to each potential candidate. The presentation is specifically designed to attract the interest of the right candidates for you.
  12. We identify common objections and questions. We develop and practise effective responses.
  13. We approach candidates diplomatically and professionally, selling the opportunity, answering their questions honestly and qualifying them as candidates
  14. Using our unique and proven selection processes, we select the initial shortlist of candidates.
  15. We allow and encourage our consultants to use their intuition, to investigate possible inconsistencies, strengths or weaknesses.
  16. We allow and encourage our consultants to be daring with pre-closing techniques on commitment, other opportunities and counter-offers to further qualify candidates.
  17. We select and present the shortlist of the top candidates to you.
  18. We advise you of our assessment of each candidate.
  19. We manage the interview process using our unique “Critical Success Factors” processes, which have been consistently successful for us since 1996.
  20. We assist you as required with your candidate selection processing.
  21. We skillfully manage the negotiations for you, staying close to the candidate to minimize risk of counter offers or other offers being accepted.