Global Executive Search for Emerging Software Companies

Our 15 Step Process to take care of Candidates and ensure their success:

  1. Your details, including your name and your resume, will be kept confidential. We commit that your name, resume and other details will not be communicated to any other person or company without your explicit permission.
  2. When we approach you about a specific opportunity, we will respect your privacy and your time. We will succinctly and accurately explain the client and opportunity to you within approximately 45 seconds.
  3. If we headhunt you for a position, you can be certain that the position is real and we have been properly authorized by the client to work on filling that position. We despise and condemn the common recruitment practice of headhunting on false or speculative positions.
  4. We will reveal the client name as soon as we are able to do so (we agree on this with our client in advance of commencing the search).
  5. We will reveal how we learned of you. If another person has recommended you to us, we will tell you so. If that person has agreed we can reveal their name, we will tell you who recommended you.
  6. We will say, “I don't know” when we do not know the answer to your question about our client or the opportunity.
  7. If we do not know the answer, we will find out the answer to your question about our client or the client, then come back to you with an honest answer.
  8. We will answer your questions as relevantly, succinctly and accurately.
  9. We will listen (carefully) more than we talk.
  10. We will be more interested in you than in ourselves.
  11. We will take the time to truly understand your background, skills, experiences, motivation and preferences.
  12. We will communicate the interview and selection process clearly to you.
  13. We will provide you timely and accurate feedback after any interview.
  14. We will tell you what we really think about your suitability for a position.
  15. We will tell you what we really think about a position's suitability for you.